Birthing Kit Foundation

1995. The actress Sally Field speaks at the 5th World Conference on Women's Health in Beijing on how a simple clean Birthing Kit costing $1 when used in home birth in a developing country can save the life of a baby and mother by reducing the risk of infection.

1999 - Dr Joy O'Hazy, a doctor and member of the Zonta Club of Adelaide Hills, SA devises the simple kit which is still in use today - production is now Australia wide.

2006 - The Birthing Kit Foundation is established.  Zonta is the backbone of the project, with it's huge commitment via Assembly Days and fundraising.  We have no accurate statistics of how many lives have been saved or how many women have avoided infection by the provision of a safe, clean birthing site.  We know it must number into the thousands.

2013 - Birthing Kit Foundation celebrated 1 million birthing kits had been made.

Zonta Fleurieu are proud to be part of this project.

2019 - The cost of the birthing kit is now $5 each.