Bradley's Place and the story of Elliot.

In 1991, Neil and Robyn Walker lost one of their twins, Bradley, to cancer, at the age of four.

The Walker's experience helped them to realise how important support systems were for other families facing a similar situation and subsequently became actively involved in supporting the work of the Childhood Cancer Association.

In 2004, with the funds raised by the Walker's and their fundraising group (The six state challenge team) Bradley's Place was opened.

Located at Inman Valley, the house is perfectly located close to great beaches and local attractions.  The completion of the project, aptly named "Bradley's Place", means that children with cancer and their families now have a special place, a peaceful haven away from some of the stresses and demands that come with this life changing illness.

The Zonta Club of Fleurieu Peninsula have been long term supporters of Bradley's Place, cleaning the property after each family stay, assisting with regular checks and being in attendance for deliveries at the property etc.  This support is invaluable to the Childhood Cancer Association, and helps us ensure families receive the best possible care and support during their stay at Bradley's Place. 

Members were invited to Bradley's Place for a volunteer and donor thank you morning tea and open house by the Childhood Cancer Association Team.

Elliot.....Since 2004 Elliot has been the Childhood Cancer Associations mascot and friend to children living with cancer.  Elliot is given to every child who is diagnosed with cancer at the Women's and Children's Hospital.  Elliot and baby Elliot, introduced in 2011 are also sold to raise vital funds for the Association.

Over time he has also become a much loved addition to many homes, schools and businesses throughout SA.  Elliot has also become an important clinical tool and a loved study buddy and travel mate and a very special companion to children and adults of all ages.  We continue to be touched by stories of how Elliot is making a difference in the lives of children and families we support.