Nangawooka Flora Reserve

Nangawooka Flora Reserve was opened by Hon. Don Hopgood, Minister of Environment and Planning in 1984.

Miss Alison Ashby MBE, a local lady whose interest in native plants and her beautiful botanical drawings, had inspired our Zonta Club of Fleurieu Peninsula to develop a flora park on Victor Harbor council land opposite Urimbirra Fauna Park.

After receiving a Local Government Assistance Fund Grant of $500 in 1982, plans for the Flora Reserve were presented to the District Council of Victor Harbor.  Permission granted, site work was undertaken. with Council assistance.

In May 1983 after good rain, a large group of South Coast Field Naturalists led by the late Don Overall, and a smaller group of Zontians and partners led by Margaret Stephens prepared the ground and planted over 200 native trees and shrubs.

It was a proud moment for the Zonta Club of Fleurieu Peninsula, and a tribute to the hard work of the participants when it was presented with a Certificate from Premier Mr John Bannon for being selected as a finalist in the Community Service Project Awards, for the establishment of Nangawooka Flora Reserve.

In 1997 the sale of Alison Ashby cards was discontinued with proceeds donated to the Alison Ashby Foundation Trust, managed by the Botanical Gardens SA.  It was agreed that interest earned on these funds be used toward building a gazebo at Nangawooka Flora Park in memory of Alison Ashby.  The Alison Ashby MBE, Centenary of Federation Interpretive Gazebo at Nangawooka Flora Reserve was officially opened on 23rd September, 2001.

The Australian Plant Society, Fleurieu Group, formerly The Society for Growing Australian Plants, has been involved in the development and maintenance of the reserve since its early days and continues to have an active role.  Members of the Friends of Nangawooka Flora Reserve also give their time to improve and maintain the native garden.

Nangawooka continues to be enjoyed by Zontians, members of the community and plant lovers - a beautiful place to just sit and reflect.