The Story behind the Zonta Emblem 

Zonta takes it's name from the Sioux Indian word meaning "honest and trustworthy".  It was adopted to symbolise the combined qualities of honesty and trust, inspiration and the ability to work together for service and world understanding

The meaning of Zonta's emblem.

Indian symbol for the ray of light or sunshine or a flash of  radiance or "inspiration".

Indian symbol for the phrase, "To Stand Together" or "To Band Together for a purpose".

Indian symbol for "To Carry Together".

Indian symbol representing shelter.  Zonta's many service projects are a "shelter" for someone.

General symbol signifying the qualities of honesty and trustworthiness.

"Zonta" is a Sioux indian word meaning "honest" or "trustworthy".  

The Zonta Club of Fleurieu Peninsula Inc